Journey AI integration




We are excited to announce Journey AI for all Adobe Campaign Standard customers. Journey AI uses advanced Machine Learning (ML) to enable companies to optimize the design and delivery of customer journeys by predicting each individual’s engagement preference.
Journey AI consists of two ML features:
  • Predictive Engagement Scoring - Intelligently identifies customers' preferred level of engagement to better target and personalize messages to increase conversions and retention. 
  • Predictive Send Time Optimization - Predicts the best time to send emails to each individual in a campaign to maximize engagement rates and improve email campaign ROI. 

If you want to learn how to get started with Journey AI, please review the detailed documentation and reach out to your Account Executive. Note that while Journey AI is available for free to existing Campaign customers, there is an implementation cost of approximately 50 hours.


Detailed documentation: Optimizing design and delivery with AI-powered emails

How-to videos: 


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