Is it possible to add array of values to single column in profile schema in Adobe campaign standard





I have a scenario where a single profile will have multiple program values which will be comma separated values in profile import file "program" column.

ex: column name- "programs", column value- "test1,test2,test3".

It is also mentioned that they have fixed 15 values like (test1, test2 ... test15). In which profile can have anything from this list. what is the best approach to import this. Also the imported profile values can be changed in adobe campaign in future. So i should provide feasibility to add one more program value for program column for a profile.


Should i create a new custom resource for Programs? Kindly suggest.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, best would be to create:

  • custom resource Program
  • another custom resource ProfileProgramReference which contains the relation between the 2 resources

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