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Delivery Analysis Tab - Compute Label during Analysis


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We are trying to dynamically generate delivery labels for reporting and tracking purposes for multiple creatives/templates and subject line testing.

Ultimately, we'd like to have as few templates and deliveries created as possible so we don't have to generate, sometimes 80-120 delivery templates and deliveries.

We have a naming convention where part of the label identifies what type of campaign it is, and then we need to identify the rest of the label dynamically by pulling in things like the product category, or an anniversary year - basically targetData that we have added through enrichments in the workflow that is used in the html portion of the delivery template itself.

We know there are limitations in the Include drop down and what delivery analysis will read.  HOWEVER, I'm sure there are some creative solutions or workarounds for those who are developers (we are not) and are asking for help.  

One thing I was investigating is using the personalization tab on the delivery since it says what objects and scripts there are used when delivery analysis is done.  But not sure how to use this, I cannot find decent documentation anywhere on this in Adobe campaign support.

Another idea we had was do we recreate our initial query to set the product category to a word, like "Washer" based on a product code in a model table that is linked to the recipient table?

This is what we were trying and we don't get a javascript error - but the script doesn't seem to be processed.  We want to add the word DRYER onto this label if the product for the individual customer is a Dryer.

20170101 WHR AUT LOY OWNER ANNIVERSARY CREATIVE A SLT1 <% if ( wp.modelMaster.summaryProdCd == '91000' ) { %> DRYER <% } %>

This is the data we essentially want to use from our workflow:


[targetData/@productType]                     - depending on the summary product code, this would be WASHER or DRYER

[targetData/@summaryProdCd]              - this is in our model master table linked to the recipient and the product they own

[targetData/@annYear]                            - this is a calculated enrichment field to tell us if this is their first, second, third, etc. anniversary of owning the product

[targetData/@annText]                             - this is just text we use in the email like "first, second, third, etc."

One other idea was can we use the temp tables in the workflow that these are in before the delivery?   Should we write this information to a custom table associated with the delivery so we can pull it in?  

I didn't want to put a ton of information in here, but am happy to answer more questions and provide more information.  We are stumped.

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Hi Hetfidd,

I misunderstand one thing in your request: the owned product table linked to recipient is a classical relationship. So customizing the mail object (or body) with the product owned by the contact targeted is easy, it is done at broadlog/contact level not at the common/shared delivery level, during the preparation/personalisation phase.

But at the delivery level, you can't manage the product owned by someone, it is not the right level.

So what you can do is define a custom relationship between delivery (or far better, at the operation level) with your product referential modelMaster, not the product ownership itself.

Then, you can customize the delivery label with your JS script.




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Hi there,

Were you able to look at Jean-Serge's suggestion? Or have you been able to find another workaround?