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Crashes from Android SDK, no source code available


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I'm currently using Neolane on a large Android app (millions of users), and have noticed crashes caused by the Neolane library in our crash reporting system (Firebase Crashlytics). As I couldn't find the source code, I'm unable to find any further information about these crashes. Hopefully this community can help!


It's worth noting these crashes are rare (30-40 instances across 300-400k uses in last couple of days), but I'd still like to resolve them. They seem to be related to receiving an error when registering a user, then the library being unable to handle the error (.registerDevice, then out of bounds in .initErrorMap).


Fatal Exception: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=11; index=11
       at android.util.ContainerHelpers.binarySearch(ContainerHelpers.java:28)
       at android.util.SparseArray.put(SparseArray.java:224)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.NeolaneExceptionDesc.initErrorMap(NeolaneException.java:171)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.NeolaneExceptionDesc.getErrorDesc(NeolaneException.java:155)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.NeolaneExceptionDesc.getErrorDesc(NeolaneException.java:160)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.NeolaneException.<init>(NeolaneException.java:88)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.Neolane.httpPostSendData(Neolane.java:224)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.Neolane.registerDevice(Neolane.java:301)
       at com.neolane.android.v1.NeolaneAsyncRunner$1.run(NeolaneAsyncRunner.java:45)



The library is included in a submodule's build.gradle as: 


implementation(name: 'neolane_sdk-1.0.26-release', ext: 'aar')



Thank you for any help / clues, let me know if any further information would be helpful.



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Same for me, we're using neolane api for a long time but this is first time this issue occurs.