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Client bugs out, Windows10


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I experience two specific buggy behaviors:

1) Some WF components don't display (empty space in the edit WF pane), but I get an error pop up saying "Unable to create an image from a memory block. Format not supported."


2) I can't edit delivery templates. the editor won't allow me past a long series of error alerts (seems to be 8 errors per module block in the template).


The problems started after the big security update of Win10 in May.

I have reinstalled the client and installed all Win upgrades after this, still nothing seems to work.

The same errors happened in all versions of the client that I hav etried (Currently 6.1.1 8850)

Anyone who expereinces the same thing? Any solutions out there?

Thank you!


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Hi Mårten,

Please raise a support ticket while I try to find some hints about what's causing this.

My first guess would have been that you are using a wrong client but since you mentioned you tried several...  I assume you upgrade not only the client but the server as well?

If this is coming from a version of Windows from May, it may have been tested only this summer (whereas the current latest Campaign build is from March), so we may probably have fixes coming in the next build of Adobe Campaign (which is next month or so).

Let me know if you manage to get this resolved somehow, I'll follow up on this issue with the product team.



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Hi Mårten,

Do you have any update on your issue?

Let me know,