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Displaying multiple images as teasers in campaign


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Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement wherein I need to display multiple images as carousel using teasers within a campaign.The priority of the order of the images is based on 2 different user groups. The strategy used in teaser dialog restrict to display only first image, or any random image or clickstream score. But we need to display all images created under particular campaign.

Could you please help in providing a detailed description.



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Hi Mini,

Are you sure you are asking about Adobe Campaign or Adobe Target?

If Adobe Campaign, can you clarify which type of Campaign you are running like Email campaign or Web application or something else?

In an email, you can only use gif to achieve this functionality. You have to build two gifs and display them using conditional block based on your criteria.

If you are using Web application then you have to use js to load image dynamically in your carousel code i.e

<img border="0" style="vertical-align:top;margin-right:4px" src="/xtk/img/<%dynamicName%>.png"/>

use if else loop to display this data based on the user data avaialble in the context.

feel free to provide more details so that we can help you.

Hope this helps!



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Hello Minisanu,

So far, you didn't answer to Amit and confirmed that your question is for Adobe Campaign v6 or ACS.

If the carrousel is expected for a emailing campaign, you may read these interesting articles from Email on Acid (well-known company providing deliverability tool, and competitor of Litmus tool for inbox rendering):

and also you may read this very interesting article about Kinetic emails:

I would be glad if you could send me your mail result with the carrousel to my mail (see my profile), or share with all the Adobe Campaign community/forum your mail template or delivery.



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Thanks for the delayed reply. Sorry, lost track of my password and it worked