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Catalogue of Audience Manager segments that can be imported into Adobe Campaign?


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Hi there,

My company is implementing the functionality as described here  (Importing/Exporting audiences)  to share segments that exist in Audience Manager (AAM) to be used for customer targeting purposes in Adobe Campaign (AC).  Using this feature though, I believe only the one line Name of the segments can be seen as a reference in AC, not any other metadata about it such as a description, folder structures, estimated sizes, dates, categories, etc.

I know a lot of this can be referenced in AAM (with the right naming conventions, folder structures, taxonomies, etc) but what about users that do not have access to AAM? I want them to be able to know/discover what segments exist and can be utilised.

We have all our segment information downloaded into our Teradata data warehouse (via API/BAAAM tool extracts, I believe) so I was thinking of writing some SQL scripts and then automating/visualising into Excel or Tableau etc so Marketing Campaign Managers can have some sort of catalogue/menu available to them to cross-reference .... but before I do I just wanted to see if anyone else had to do something similar or if there are any other OOTB tools or easier ways ?



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Hi David,

I don't see any way to do that OOTB, unless you are able to setup/automate a file transfer that would import the data you need into Campaign (and by extending the relevant data schema if needed).