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Call personalization engine from custom code


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I have an on-premise Adobe Campaign installation. Requirement is, user should create a delivery for email and map a Mobile inbox messaging template as well which will be used by the Mobile platform. Now Adobe campaign doesn't have any support for inbox messaging. So we are thinking of a custom build. The marketing manager (MM) will create a delivery and the delivery will have a custom field called "InBox Delivery Id" which MM will populate with the delivery id for the inbox messaging. (Note both the messages are same but Inbox version is little trimmed down version of email).

Now the InBox Delivery Id will actually not be sent to the recipient. Rather I am planning to create a custom program which will get the data from RecipientDeliveryLog table for the particular type of delivery and get the associated InBox deliveryId. Now with the recipient Id and the delivery Id, is there a way to call some function/service of Adobe that can generate the personalized version of the content with respect to Recipient Id?

If yes, my plan is to call it and store in a database. Then our integration team can expose the data via a web service for the Mobile devices.


Tarun Ghosh

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Hi Tarun,

Here's a basic list of functions Adobe Campaign Help | List of functions but perhaps what you need is to use the Enrichment activity Adobe Campaign Help | Enrichment​.

I hope this helps!

All the best,