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Adobe Campaign Performance


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Hello, good Morning.

We're having problems related with performance in Adobe Campaign.

The instance has been installed in a Cloud Computing. The amount of records is over than 10 millions and we're working with at least three campaigns per day.

I'm going to describe some problems:

- The movement of Drag and Drop components from pallet control is slow

- Construction of queries are taking time even limiting records to display

- Execution of workflows are very slow

We would like to know about the root causes in order to do an action plan.

Thank you everybody.


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Hi, Claudio!

You can check the information referenced in this link:

- https://docs.campaign.adobe.com/doc/AC/en/WKF__General_operation_Best_practices.html

Check mainly the recommendation related to performance of workflows, which addresses the option 'Keep the result of interim populations between two executions'.

This option holds temporary tables between two executions of a workflow. It is available in the workflow properties' General tab, and can be used for development and test purpose to monitor data and check results. You can use this option in development environments, but never use it in production environments. Keeping temporary tables could result in the size of the database increasing significantly and eventually the size limit being reached. Moreover, it will slow down the backup.

I hope this information will be useful.

Best regards.