Campaign MTA configuration for relay server



Hi All,

We have configured Adobe campaign v6 in-house and using our firm wide relay server for sending the emails.

Following are configuration we have done:

<mta args="-verbose" autoStart="true" statServerAddress="localhost:7777">

<relay address="abc.y.com" port="25"/>



        <IPAffinity name="default,mid.default,dev.default,test.default">

          <IP address="" heloHost="abc.y.com" publicId="5" wight="5"/>





But after this change we are seeing currently experiencing following problem:

1) While sending emails adobe MTA is sending mails to only one server but relay host abc.y.com resolves to  3 hosts.

2) Even on sending 10k emails we are getting error like 421 4.7.0 abc1.y.com closing connection.

3) Now our email throughput is way less then compare to  what we have experienced using mid sourcing solution.

Can some one please advice if configuration looks ok? and where can  i find out number of concurrent connection MTA module is making with the rely server? Also is this throughput is expected when some one uses relay server rather than native MTA?

Thanks in advance!






Hi Suresh,

Firstly what is the architecture type you are using. And next is i am not sure if the relay is to be in the MTA tag as I see in standard architecture the relay is in  <web> tag of the instance configuration file.

Kindly check again and let us know your findings in the MTA and MTA child logs.