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[ACS] Push Notification - Blacklisted Address


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Hi Campaign Experts,

For  ACS push notification, how i can check whether registration token is blacklisted or not? Does ACS has any schema that stores the blacklisted address?

We have been facing high bounce rate due to having more blacklisted address in delivery.

I tried geeting more details using (Administration -> Channel -> Quarantines -> Message Qualifications)  where i see mostly the below errors listed. Any idea what the below error does mean?

  • 42Not registered jobId=4528847 pushId=* platform=GCM
  • 42Push Failure (410) : Unregistered jobId=4528850 pushId=* platform=APNS

Thanks in advance..

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You can go to Administration\Channels\Mobile app to check the status of token

Click on Mobile application created and check if token is blacklisted or not.

If case Blacklisted column is not present then you have to configure it from the list



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We are facing similar issue. Although noticed while testing that even when the token is not blacklisted at first, it gets blacklisted every time we try to send out the push. Doesn't matter which device we try to register. So it seems to be somehow profile-related, but can't find any information or location where we could alter that.