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Hard to read and format Downloaded file from Campaign UI


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When we download a file from campaign UI, it is downloaded to the local computer in a .txt file format. When we open the file it is very hard to read the data. Takes time to covert them to a csv file format to make it readable.


In windows machine after downloading the file & changing the extension to .csv, it opens the excel file with all the data in 1 column instead of separate columns for each header. 


We would like the enhancement to download the directly in .csv.


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Hi Asish,


are you exporting the data through the "Extract file" activity? It has an "Output format" selection on the "File Structure" tab. Also you should provide a filename including the .csv extension. It will result in a file eg. "export_20200910_145954.csv" and it will contain the selected fields separated by comma (CSV = comma separated values).


When you double click  such file it is a client side (operating system level) setting which program automatically opens to read the file, eg. Excel. In Excel it again depends on your local settings if Excel is able to automatically split the CSV file into multiple columns. If you go to Windows Control Panel --> Regional Settings --> Date-, Time- and Number-settings --> Advanced you can change the list separator to a comma. This will enable Excel to distribute your CSV into multiple columns upon opening. 


Alternatively in Excel you can select the column containing all your fields and select Data --> Text to Column and it will guide you through a dialog where you can select the comma as separator. 


Does this help?


Cheers, Tobias