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Allow transfer of file without deleting source


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The Transfer File step in a workflow can be configured to optionally delete a source file after transferring the file when the protocol is SFTP or Amazon S3.

This option is not available when the protocol is "File(s) present on the Adobe Campaign server".

If I am developing a new workflow or am troubleshooting an existing workflow, I may want to run the workflow on the same file several times.  It is inconvenient to have to upload the file to the Campaign server each time I run the workflow because the Transfer File step automatically deletes the file.

Please add a "Delete the source files after transfer" option for the "File(s) present on the Adobe Campaign server" protocol so that the workflow author can turn this option on and off as needed.





Hello, this option has been added for cleansing process. We can't change this behaviour for files hosted in Campaign Server.

Please use a S3 or SFTP protocol for this use-case.


Level 1


I don't like Eric's reply here:

1) The system defaults to NOT deleting the file for the other methods, so users expect the same behavior for all methods.

2) Documentation does NOT currently say the file will be deleted.

3) Users expect the Historization settings in this Activity to be followed. Selecting "file on server" does not gray out or disable Historization settings, so we expect them to continue to be followed.

4) Historization already exists. Why do we need to automatically delete the file on top of that?


Either documentation needs to be updated, or the GUI needs to make it clear that the behavior of "file on server" is different from the other methods - specifically that Historization is not respected.