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Using a Segment Code as a Delivery Code


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Hi, I'm trying to work out if there is a way to dynamically populate the 'Delivery Code' field in a delivery with a 'segment code' field in a split?

<%=targetData.segmentCode%> doesn't work and I've also tried giving the segment Code an alias in an enrichment.

IS there a different target I should be referencing?


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Level 8

Hi rossc47800017​,

Segment Code, as this column comes in Temporary Schema and it's not saved in the database.

Each activity has it's own Segment Code but, all the Segment Codes have same Alias as well as Column Name in the Temp Schema i.e. Segment code (@segmentCode).

So, before the delivery you can have one split activity, in which you can filter out the recipients who have Segment Code as Empty and send the delivery to only those which have Segment Code value populated.

For more details click here Targeting data




Level 4


Delivery code and segment code are two different attributes and they are populated in Adobe mart at two different levels. Delivery code is an attribute of Delivery (NMSDelivery) vs. Segment Code is an attribute of the universe targeted in a delivery and the proper location for segment code attribute is BroadLogRcp table.

The segmentation of the campaign universe is not always dependent on # of deliveries. It is possible to have more segments (via split activity node) but a single delivery (behavior analysis).

I recommend to re-evaluate the use of these codes in your system.