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Real-time (trigger) integration Adobe Analytics to Adobe Campaign


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Hello all,

I am trying to investigate about the integration Adobe Analytics ---> Adobe Campaign

in case we would like to implement trigger-based campaigns (Adandoned Cart, Back in stock etc.) near-real time

I found this implementation guide:

Analytics to Campaign Classic Implementation Guide

Might you confirm that this is the right way to implement trigger-based campaign AA-AC?

Could you give me a brief explaination of how a "re-marketing" campaign workflow (see image below) works?


Which is the workflow or the system (and in this case how?) that is triggering the External signal?

Thanks in advance,



Jean-Serge Biron


PS: I have a past experience with Experience Cloud Triggers (How to use Experience Cloud Triggers with Adobe Campaign Classic ) but it was kind of a nightmare!

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We needed some help from the Adobe services team to set up triggers because i think there is some back end functionality that needs to be turned on, but essentially we followed the second document you provided which utilizes a pipeline that sends the data directly down to campaign into a 'nms:pipeline' schema. The Triggers UI is essentially a less robust Analytics Workspace where you can set up Action, Abandonment, Session Start, or Session End. I've had some difficulty with it but we're trying to leverage it more currently. Good luck!