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ORA-210000 Oracle error: ORA-24801: illegal parameter value in OCI lob function


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I am getting the following error when attempting to open certain campaigns and attempting to create new campaigns:



Can someone provide some insight as to what might be the cause?


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Hello Javier,

The issue appears to be related to Oracle, so my assumption is that you have an on premise instance and database not hosted by Adobe.  I looked internally on my end but have not seen any instance where this error has been seen previously.

Oracle documentation around this error states the following:

ORA-24801: illegal parameter value in OCI lob function

    Cause: One of the parameter values in the OCI lob function is illegal.

Action: Check every parameter in the OCI Lob function call to make sure they are correct. Offsets should be greater than or equal to one.

If you've checked, and it appears that all your parameters are coded properly and you still receive the ORA-24801, you may simply need to  upgrade the client.


Have any upgrades to your environment or database taken place recently? 

With the specific Campaign's did these work before or have they always failed? 

And if they worked previously were any changes made? 

Are you only seeing these errors or are your colleagues seeing them as well?

If it's just you, did you try performing a hard and soft clear of your local cache?

Something else you could do is export the Campaigns and workflows in question and import them into your non-production environment and see if the same error occurs.




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We are experiencing a similar issue today. What was the resolution on this?


Oracle 19c, 9032v5 build.


We did recently upgrade to 19c, but 10 days ago and haven't encountered this issue until today.