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Add operationId to broadLogRcp in AC Classic?


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Has anyone added the operationId from the Campaigns (nms:operation) schema to the Recipient delivery logs (nms:broadLogRcp) schema in Adobe Campaign Classic?

I need to include it for tracking, QC, reporting, etc... I know you can join it to other Adobe system tables in the DB, but I want it in the broadLogRcp table.

Any steps someone could provide including how it looks in the Target mappings would be great!

Thank you,


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Hi John,

You can get the Campaign ID in the broadLogRcp schema by adding it via the configure list option.

The broadLogRcp is joined with nms:Delivery which is turn is joined with nms:Operation.

Hence you can simply add the primary key of the campaign in the data tab of the broadLogRcp schema and export the data associated.




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What about if I need to output the campaign's operation ID into a file?

I tried to use $(instance/@operation_id) and it output nothing. Maybe John is trying to do the same thing.


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Hi John,

If you just want to check or export the Opertaion Id from broadlogRcp then it can be achieved using Configure List option as told by Adhiyan. If the Delivery is triggered from a technical workflow and it doesn't belong to any campaign, in that case Opeartion Id will be shown as "0".

You can also use Target mapping to store the Operation Id to Broadlog but in this it can be easily achieved using the existing relationship.

nms:broadLogRcp -> nms:delivery -> nms:operation.