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Survey - save value 0 (as number)


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Hi all,

I' m creating a survey were the recipient can answer giving a score from 0 to 10. I want to save the answer in an data of type Integer.

I've chosen Integer 8 bit (-128 to 127) as data type but when the user select 0 as answer then the score is not saved (if i mark the answer as mandatory it doesn't go to the next page). 

If i define that the value linked to the label 0 is -1, then the value saved in 255.


It seems that even if the data type chosen is Integer 8 bit (-128 to 127), it cannot store non positive values.

I would like to store 0 in the database to have clean data.


Thank you

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Hi @federico__ 


If you want to save the value 0 as part of your survey response, then you should add a constraint against this data field as notNull="false" which would allow null values to be stored.

By default, fields having datatype as integer have the constraint notNull="true" which doesn't allow to store null values and a value 0 is considered as null for integer datatype.