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Spam Consideration - Adobe Campaign Classic


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We are noticing some odd email behavior and are wondering if the community has any suggestions on how to approach it --


Recently our marketing emails have been flagged as 'Suspected Spam' when we send them to ourselves. This is not universally the case however, as I might receive it as 'Suspected Spam' and my colleague receives the same email not marked as 'Suspected Spam'. The emails are sent to the same domain, accessed from the same email client, as part of the same delivery.


Then if we send it again, I might receive it without the 'Suspected Spam' note, while my colleague does receive the alert.


We always thought the suspected spam logic was not user based when making this distinction -- are we wrong about that?


Our deliverability is in the high 90s% successful, but we're concerned this may be impacting many of our customers in addition to us. Unfortunately the 'spam check' natively in Campaign Classic doesn't provide us much information, and our email spam check provider keeps a pretty tight lid on how they determine what receives the note.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any ideas on why this isn't uniform across our internal users? And does anyone utilize a different tool or evaluator to ensure emails won't be listed as spam?


Thank you!

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Good morning,


In our case, we have resorted to using the Spam check filter in Litmus. Even though deliverability rate is high 90s, I find that their spam testing leads to a better understanding about why your communications may be flagged as such. 


Hope this helps


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Have you tried getting in contact with Adobe's deliveability team, also are you a new deployment? have the IPs been warmed?


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Hi David,


Thank you for the response and idea!


We are not a new deployment, we've been with these IPs on Adobe Campaign for about 4 years -- and this is a new situation for us so its a bit confusing. We did reach out to the deliverability team, but without a paid consultation engagement we weren't able to get to the bottom of it, and since we're still not sure of the impact we're exploring other potentials first.

- They did provide some helpful suggestions, but it doesn't look like we're having deliverability issues according to Campaign's metrics


We have been exploring the text/image ratio currently, as that seems to be part of the issue. It's just extra confusing because we receive marketing emails from other companies that are pretty much all images and they aren't flagged as 'Suspected Spam'.