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SOP-330012 Empty return for method 'Write' of service 'urn:xtk:persist' Issue after an API call and saving response in a custom schema


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We are getting continuously errors while saving the response of an API call in a custom schema. 

Following errors:
BAS-010003 Unable to complete operation in current status.
SOP-330012 Empty return for method 'Write' of service 'urn:xtk:persist'

SOP-330012 Empty return for method 'ExecuteQuery' of service 'urn:xtk:queryDef'

SOP-330012 Empty return for method 'Write' of service 'urn:xtk:session'


We are using session method and this is how we are starting the session:
var cnx = new HttpSoapConnection(SOAP_ROUTER_URL);
var session = new SoapService(cnx, 'urn:xtk:session');
//for login , we have declared function Logon on the Soap service by passing userid and password.
session.addMethod("Logon", "xtk:session#Logon",["sessiontoken", "string", "Login", "string", "Password", "string", "parameters", "NLElement"],["sessionToken", "string", "sessionInfo", "NLElement", "securityToken", "string"]);
session.addMethod("Write", "xtk:persist#Write", ["sessiontoken", "string", "docDom", "NLElement"],[]);
var res = session.Logon("",USERID, PASSWORD,<param/>);
var sessionToken = res[0];
var securityToken = res[2];
// name and value of the arguments will be added to the connection string
cnx.addTokens(sessionToken, securityToken);
var query = new SoapService(cnx, 'urn:xtk:queryDef');
query.addMethod("ExecuteQuery", "xtk:queryDef#ExecuteQuery",
["sessiontoken", "string", "entity", "NLElement"],
["res", "NLElement"]);

Is there an issue in the session, or is this because of some other reason????

Also, is it possibly due to multiple logInfo() in the script??? 

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Hello @sharma_nik ,


From what I've observed, your login request appears to be successful. However, it seems you're encountering issues with the write operation.


There could be several potential reasons for this:

- Incorrect parameters being passed to the SOAP methods.
- Issues with the session token or security token.
- Problems with the data being written or queried.
- Access-related issues.


To debug this issue, I recommend using SOAP UI or Postman for debugging purposes. Ensure that the user you're using has write permissions.

Additionally, you can test with a simple select query, which might be easier to troubleshoot.


Best regards,






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Hi Parvesh


Thanks for the response. We tried in postman and nothing came up. 

We are able to read and write the data for small requests but it fails when there are multiple read and write requests on the same schema.