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NmsTracking_ClickFormula url



In the NmsTracking_ClickFormula option, we have this part of the code: <%= escapeUrl("$(urlId)") %>, which is supposed to contain the nmsTrackingUrl Id (as per this documentation: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/sending-messages/tracking-messages/tr...).

I am not understanding how that value is obtained (where does urlId get its value from), and how to preview the actual URL after the formula is applied. Also, instead of the tracking URL id, is it possible to append the tracking URL label to the whole URL?




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Hello @HariharanB 

The Tracking links need specific syntax to be tracked else they might not work as expected.


My question is, why do you need the label in the tracking URL? If you want to track the label on your website then you can add the label as a UTM parameter in the original link in the email delivery.

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can you please explain how to do that alternate approach which you are suggesting?