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How message id is dynamically mapped to couponValue table


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Greetings All,

We have a custom broadLog table which is separate from recipient table. In order to set up individual-coupons in the custom broadlog schema, I am currently stuck in how to populate message-id from custom broadlog schema to the foreign key of coupon value table.

Kindly help me understand how message- id from nmsBroadlogRcp table is populated in coupon value table once coupons are associated with it, I have checked the target mappings and related stuff but no luck.

Any related information would also be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advanvce!

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Hello @Poonam_Dogra 
From what I can see - when the delivery starts processing, the entries are initially inserted to temp:forecastLog and nms:couponValue. The allocation of broadlogRcp-id (or the message-id in couponValue) is  based on the running sequence (xtkNewId) and it blocks the next x (target) numbers.
Upon the delivery target, the entries will be inserted to broadlogRcp schema from temp:forecastLog.

In your case, maybe you could use an enrichment within the workflow to assign coupons and use targetData.coupon[x] in the delivery. Instead of using coupon module.

Hope this helps!