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Error "DeliveryValidation" when trying to send delivery/submit targetting


Level 5

Hello everyone,


I am facing an issue when I am trying to send a delivery and submit a target. The error only mention this and I don't know how I can fix this.



How can I fix this kind of issue ? Any help would be appreciate

Thank you in advance.

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Level 4

The issue is at mid sourcing connection to tracking server. We have same issue and thats the root cause we identified. I am working with adobe to solve this problem as we are in hybrid model and on prim ACC is perfect. The problem is at mid sourcing connecting to tracking. 


Can you post the audit log of delivery .. that can clearly says the problem. 


hope it helps



Hi @thibaultb473199 

Were you able to solve the issue with the given solution? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa