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E-mail Tracking Protection iOS15 Latest Feature: Open Rate Check in Adobe Campaign


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Hi Team,


Recently Apple updated with E-mail Tracking Protection feature in their latest update iOS 15. As per the APPLE word, campaign users can't see the email OPEN data if iOS users open the email in their devices.


Regarding this, we have done some test by opening emails through our iOS device from adobe campaign or other email marketing tools like mailchimp etc and we able to see the open rates successfully. 


Is anyone seeing still the email open from iOS users? Is it working really?




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That's not true in fact...
You need to understand how works the MPP, actually:
1- if your phone has more than 80% of battery OR plugged in charge

2- AND you are  using WIFI
3- AND you have MPP activated (96% of probability according to past studies)

THEN apple will download on a proxy server any single images from your incoming emails before downloading into the mail app:
It will then generates a "false" positive open tracking: you'll think that your email is more read than before... But that's not true

So, even if you investigate about the userAgent used on this open tracking in order to filter it out from your reports / aggregates, you will then also loose a lot of correct informations:
-> If I do not respect one of those points above (specially 1 or 2), it will generate an open tracking with correct date information when I opened the email...

So there are different solutions:
you can first calculate the average distinct open by excluding from your figures all people that recieved the email on iOS 15 and just make an average ratio from all others emails...
You can, and this is the actual correct practice, rely just on click rate and stop using open rate: instead of targetting people that open on the last 30 days, you'll target clickers from the last 6 monthes for example


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Thanks Lauren, Much appreciate. I am not a campaign developer but I am trying to understand it much better. Could you please help me to little detailed on your below point.

-> If I do not respect one of those points above (specially 1 or 2), it will generate an open tracking with correct date information when I opened the email...




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Just imagine this functionnal scenario:
you target 100 recipient with the iOS15 MPP option turned on
If all those recipients recieve the mail at night at 3am, the probability to have 100 open tracking logged at 3am is high because
at night, people usually plug their iPhone to recharge the battery and have configured the wifi of their home

Now imagine that you're sending the email at 7am:
some recipient are in the transport: their iPhone is fully charged but they are not connected to wifi:
for those recipients, you'll get the real open tracking as apple will only download the images on proxy server when trying to open the email: open tracking for these recipient could then be between 7am & 9am

And that's the point with MPP: for now, we cannot decide clearly from a technical point of view if this is a fake data or not at each single point... We can just interpret it with margin of errors... And as every interpretation, this is arbitrary following rules that can be correct today but different in the upcoming weeks

Due to this, from single report behavior, you should calculate the opening ratio as before but to calculate also the opening ratio without members with the MPP feature in order to provide you a specter of interpretation.

you'll find in the above link the technical-functionnal way to identify an open tracking from an iOS15 user with MPP feature:
Résolu : Identifying Apple Mail Users - Adobe Experience League Community - 423305


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Thank you so much for the explanation. We understand the concept but somewhere we see our self that we are missing some key part in terms of apple receive an email content on their proxy server.

So, every time when the user is connected in Wi-Fi and proxy server read the email content before the user actually does, here the probability of email open rate will be bit high. Why does this specific to Wi-Fi and not on the mobile network part as you mentioned. What is the connection between this MPP and network (both Wi-Fi and mobile). We also tested multiple scenario basis by turning on the MPP feature but still we could see the email open rate. tried with below scenario but still wee see the email open count on the report. We have tested in mail chimp and adobe campaign as well.
1. Turned on MPP with Wi-Fi connection on. 

2. Turned on MPP with Mobile network on. 

Please clarify.




Hey @LaurentLam,

Could you please help @Jayakrish further with his query? 


Sukrity Wadhwa