Bitly links in SMS not working



I am trying to build some SMSs for one of my programmes in Adobe Campaign. 

As my url is too long I have shortened it using Bitly. 


When testing the SMS with the Bitly link ( it sends through to my mobile phone but not as the Bitly link as: /r/?id=s1e9f4bc0,33a8839a,33a88421

Can anyone help me work out how to send the SMS with the correct Bitly clickable link. We have sent SMSs before with our normal urls e.g. and these work and send correctly. So why doesn't Bitly behave the same?


Any help would be very welcome

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @lucyp18414182 ,


If you have enabled tracking in a delivery, Adobe campaign modifies the url to a tracking server url. When clicking on modified url, you will be redirected to the original url. The reason for this is that the tracking url contains the identifier for the broadLog (recipient/delivery) in the id attribute. When this link is clicked, the Adobe campaign tracking server captures the event and stores it against the broadlog and then redirects to the original url. You can see the same behavior in emails too (but there you use HTML  to change link name: "<a href="">your custom name</a>" ). Hence, you cannot avoid this if you want to track the link click in campaign.

You can use Analytics for this purpose.





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