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Adobe Campaign Classic Default Tracking


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We haven't been able to find defaults around how long email data will be tracked or stored -- hoping someone in the community can help us?


What we'd like to know:

1. If I send an email today, how long will clicks/opens be tracked on said email?

2. How long will the clicks/opens from today be stored and available in Campaign?


Thank you for your help!


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Hello Robert,


There are two areas that would impact the tracking activity and the storage.


For your first question: You need to set the validity limit of your delivery resources. This is what determines whether or not a tracking URL will still report back after being opened or clicked. By default, it is set to 60 days but can easily be configured per delivery prior to sending. See the "Define the validity period" section in the documentation below:



For question two: The length of time is based on the purge settings in your Campaign Deployment Wizard. You can see this in the Purging Data section in the documentation below. The default configuration is 360 days, however, it is typically recommended to only keep the minimum amount of tracking required based on your business requirements.







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Hi Craig,


Thank you for all of this information! Very helpful.


I am a little bit confused however, about the tracking, because I'm seeing data being tracked much later than 60 days (we have not changed that, so it's still at 60). Take this email for example:

- Sent 3/30/2021


And when I go to the tracking tab, we can see some of the engagement, a few opens from back in September 2021:


The purging of data piece totally makes sense now, thank you for that information -- we are set to 180 days, so the dates on the data in the screenshot makes sense that its still available, but not around why it was gathered.


Any thoughts as to why that may be the case?


Thank you again!



Hi @Craig_Thonis,

Could you please help @robertc66522596 further with the query?


Sukrity Wadhwa