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Look Alike Modeling in Adobe Audience Manager


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We have to implement Look_Alike Modeling In AAM.

I have created a model having base trait and added 2 online and 1 offline data source.

My Model ran and it is showing the graph with number of influential traits.

Create trait as well from this model.

In trait also I am able to see numbers for Total Trait Utilization.

But I am not able to relate the audiences. Relate the audiences means,

1) How the audience is getting populated in traits. What is the mechanism which runs behind to get the audiences in the model.

2) If I am getting suppose 5 as total trait realization, how can I justify how this. How can I justify that when traits ran how it picked these 5 audience. And from where it picked these numbers.

3) I can see graph formed in trait also which is created based on the model. How can I justify from where the population is getting in into traits and the mechanism which runs behind to get these population.

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