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Facebook WCA Integration - Have I got it right?


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I am trying to use an Audience Manager segment for retargeting purposes within Facebook. To achieve this I followed the steps outlined here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/audience-manager/user-guide/implementation-integration-guide...


I believe everything is set up correctly (am I missing something here?). A custom audience has been set up in Facebook using this audience, and it has been assigned to a live Facebook Ad Campaign - yet the Facebook ad platform is saying that no impressions have been served up.


Have I got something wrong with my set up below?





ECID version 5.2




Destination has been set up as follows


Base and Secure URL's are both:

In reality, MY_PIXEL_ID is the fb pixel id... I've just hidden it for this post.




Segment used for this WCA integration is collecting data and is configured as follows




In a support case I submitted to Adobe, I was told "There is no issues at destination level. I checked using AAM APIs and the URL is firing correctly and segments are qualifying for the destination as well ." and supplied with the following evidence of such, where the yellow part is my FB pixel id and the green part is the segment id used for this destination.




Many thanks

- Michael


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Hi Michael,


Comparing your destination setup to our documentation , I'm not seeing any configuration issues. I can see in the last screenshot there is an error code indicating that Facebook did not accept the customer ID provided in this request. 

Are you able to provide the segment ID & your website URL so we can perform some real-time testing ? If you aren't comfortable providing these details in a forum post, we can continue troubleshooting via a customer care ticket. Let me know how you would like to proceed here.



Curtis Oliver  |  Technical Support Engineer 


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Thanks @curtiso1, yes I would be very grateful for continuing this via a customer care ticket.

This issue may have something to do with this: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-cloud-kcs/kbarticles/KA-19442.html?lang=en


Community Advisor

Based on the information provided, it seems like you have set up the Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) destination and segment correctly for retargeting purposes within Facebook. If Adobe support has confirmed that the destination URL is firing correctly and segments are qualifying for the destination, then the issue might be related to the Facebook ad platform or the specific ad campaign settings.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Audience size: Make sure that your custom audience size in Facebook is large enough to serve ads. Facebook might not serve ads to an audience that is too small. You can check the audience size in the Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Ad campaign settings: Double-check the ad campaign settings in the Facebook Ads Manager. Ensure that the campaign is active and targeting the correct custom audience. Also, review the ad placements, bid strategy, and budget to ensure they are set up properly.

  3. Data sharing: Ensure that the data sharing between Adobe Audience Manager and Facebook is working correctly. This involves checking the Facebook Business Manager and ensuring that the correct permissions are granted for data sharing between Adobe and Facebook.

  4. Data freshness: Verify if the data sent to Facebook is fresh enough. Facebook might not serve ads to users if the data is stale or hasn't been updated recently.

If you have checked all the above points and still encounter issues with your Facebook ad campaign not serving impressions, I recommend reaching out to Facebook support for further assistance.


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Hey thanks for this response - I really appreciate it. Turns out that I had done everything correct in the end, and that the fault behind there being too few ad impressions was due to your second point Ad campaign settings. Unbeknownst to me, the ad campaign configuration in FB had some exclusions applied to it that were far too large in scope. I will start my enquiries on that side of the fence in future, as they seem like simpler / trivial issues to quickly rule out first if possible.