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Integrate AAM using AEP web sdk extension launch and pass s.contextData['cm.ssf'] based on consent


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Hi Team


We are in migration phase of client side tracking implementation of AA, AAM (SSF), Target, ECID to server side tracking using AEP web sdk extension.


Also our current launch client side integration (tags) is integrated with 3rd party CMP (consent management platform) solution where based on cookies consent categories data is passed to AA, AAM etc.


Currently based on consent from customerm, signals from Analytics are passed to Audience manager (server side forwarding - SSF). This restrictions are implemented using s.contextData['cm.ssf'] = '1' or '0'. by passing context varible with value 1 or 0, was ensuring data either to be forwarded or restricted.


Now we are stuggling to implement this using AEP web sdk extenion. How we can pass this context variable s.contextData['cm.ssf'] either through XDM or non XDM way to edge? where and how can be implemented this?



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To pass s.contextData['cm.ssf'] based on consent in AEP Web SDK extension:

  • Set up AEP Web SDK.
  • Map consent data to XDM schema or pass it as custom data.
  • Configure edge rules to handle data based on s.contextData['cm.ssf'].
  • Test thoroughly and monitor for compliance and updates.

I hope this will help you.