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CRM Data onbarding issue


Level 2


We are trying to onboard the CRM Attribute in AAM ( Non PII )

As a test, I took sample file from and build the Key-value pair for the attribute as syntax provided by AAM (ID     "xx"="250")

  1. Demdex id sync is configured to capture declared ID
  2. Extracted Declared ID from AA to map to AAM for 100 % match
  3. Create the respective trait as per file.
  4. Created the sync file as per source
  5. Uploaded the sync file to the Demdex ftp
  6. File is processed

The onboarding show file processed but show error

Stored records = 0  no format errors but still no data.

cay you guess what can be the error.

I dont see any issue on files . Do AAM team need to enable some config to accept the crm files ? in / in folder

1 Accepted Solution


Correct answer by

keerthivasanj96056092​ .. I downloaded your file to check (ftp_dpm_166681_1540194656.sync).

The one formatting error I can see in there is the missing opening quotes on the PointsEarned key value - see below:

Try and correct this and re-upload your file with a new timestamp and let us know how it goes.

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Community Advisor

Hi  Santhosh,

Could you share some more details about the data source settings?

Is it a cookie based data source or a cross device data source?

When you onbooarded Customer IDs, did you make sure about the format of the file and the key value pairs that are there in the file should have corresponding onboarded traits already.

Also, when you are checking the onboarding status report, is it showing red for the bars (failed) or the green with no matching AAM UUID?


Varun Kalra


Level 2

The Source is Cross-device  and iD definition is the person

and the onboarding status looks as below.

And the file format is key value pair



Level 3

Hi Varun,

Even i am having the same issue and I am always getting a file format error after the synchronous happened. I just summarize below what i have done for onboarding the CRM data through FTP.

Step 1: I have created the file and uploaded in FTP. The file name format and content format looks below.

File Name: ftp_dpm_166621_1540135956.sync

Content Format: 1805693166 <tab>  "ACCOUNT_TYPE"="HAC","Plans"="456","ServiceExpiryDate"="2012-08-04 00:00:00.000","CustomerStatus"="On","ServiceType"="Paid","RegisteredDevices"="2","CSAT"="0.000000000000000000000","IsAppleUser"="N","IsWinUser"="Y","PlanTenure"="1","HasARouter"="N","SDMemoryStatus"="OK","NoOfTimesCalled"="0","CasesCreated"="0","ResolvedCases"="0","TotalSalesAmount"="39.99",,"Calls_Before_Sale"="0","Product"="Free Product for Inbound Sales|  Incident Support for MAC| Partner Trial Account".

Step 2: I have created an on boarded trait for all the key values provided in the content format

Step 3: After the file is processed in FTP, we are getting some values in error report saying out of 29 records, 29 in format errors, some time 29 in no trait realization error. Refer  screenshot below.


Am not sure what is missed to make this work. So any help would be appreciable.




Correct answer by

keerthivasanj96056092​ .. I downloaded your file to check (ftp_dpm_166681_1540194656.sync).

The one formatting error I can see in there is the missing opening quotes on the PointsEarned key value - see below:

Try and correct this and re-upload your file with a new timestamp and let us know how it goes.



and you have the same issue in file ftp_dpm_166681_1540220058.sync for all 141 entries


Level 3

Hi Christophe_jossic

We have re uploaded the file as per your instruction and we get a message saying all 141 records has been stored successfully.

However we yet the see results in UI as well as the traits we build.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I will keep you posted if any issue or challenges we face.

Thanks Much



keerthivasanj96056092​ .. glad I could help

The UI will show the population with a bit of a delay but you should be able to see that in the next couple of days.


Level 3

Hi Christophe,

I could find the values in traits for all the 141 entries. however i still try to understand how this CRM onboarding behave. I have some couple of questions which needs to be clarified. Please check how you could help me on this.

  • I have uploaded new file "ftp_dpm_166681_1540472699.sync" which has 100 rows, each records has 61 columns
  • Secondly i created an on boarded trait for three of the signals in the UI.
  • The file is processed and we got the below message in email.

    Dear Adobe Partner: (ID:166681)

  We have received your Adobe Audience Manager Server-To-Server file delivery

  File name:ftp_dpm_166681_1540472699.sync

  Records received: 100

Format Errors: 1

Invalid AAM ID: 0

No Matching AAM ID: 0

No Trait Realized: 99

Records processed: 100

Stored Records: 0

Total devices: 149

Total signals: 6237

Total unused signals: 6237

Total realized traits: 0

Total removed traits: 0

Total traits failed validation: 0

Total users that have traits which failed validation: 0

Job start time: 2018-10-25 19:07:38

Job end time: 2018-10-25 21:32:46

Now the questions are

  1.     I could see only one record has a format issue, but why rest of the records are not stored successfully.
  2.     Why 99 records are not trait realized. Why those 3 of the on boarded traits are not populated any of the signals.
  3.     I re validated the file and i dont find all of the 100 records has the format issue. Please check and confirm.

I am very curious to know the answers for these questions, and i looking forward to do my activity without any failed cases. Please help me on this.



@keerthivasanj96056092  I'm so sorry I never saw that reply. Unfortunately I no longer have access to this file (ftp_dpm_166681_1540472699.sync). Have you experienced similar issues since then with new onboarded files? Please let me know if I can look at something more recent or feel free to open a Support ticket if needed.


Level 3

I Found the answer. Thanks for step in to address this question