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AAM Signals - Identify iPad/Tablet


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Any idea which key name that we need to use to identify the users those who visited through iPad/tablet. I tried to use 

d_device_hardware_type but nothing showed up.
d_device_hardware_type  contains pad
d_device_hardware_type  contains tablet
Thanks in advance
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As per our documentation, if you want to target Tablet & ipad users then you should use below keys respectively 

d_device_hardware_type contains Tablet

d_device_model contains iPad OR d_device_marketing_name contains iPad


Once you create the Trait you should wait for ~48 hours so that the Trait reporting can be updated.


For more detail information on Device Targeting wth Platform-level keys, please check below documentation on the same



If your issue still persist, then please create a ticket for the same so that someone from AAM team can help because we need furhter details to troubleshoot this concern.

To open a ticket email your issue to amsupport@adobe.com.


Thank You

Prabhat Upadhyay