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Why the number of visits and exits appearing same for entry page dimension?


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Hi all,


I am getting this problem where the number of exits and visits tend to be same when I look for 'Entry Page' dimension. Attaching screenshot for your reference.


But when page name is broken down with entry page, the metric value differ. Attaching screenshot for your reference



What's the possible justification for this ?


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Community Advisor

Hi Roshang,

This is not uncommon and is indicative of user activity on your site depending on the additional dimension you've added for the deep dive (additional filter).

The 6.4k exits vs 11k visits mean there were more sessions initiated than sessions ended during that period.


Typical Reasons include:

  1. Bounced visit (so no Exit recorded).
  2. Multiple-page visit (entered in one page, exited in another)
  3. Still active visit default session duration is 30 mins, during the data collection period, sessions that started during the specified time frame might not have ended yet, leading to an incomplete count of exits.