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Visitor IDs from Multiple Web Properties


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Hello Everyone.

I am a beginner to Adobe Analytics and I would like to get everyone's insight into my current challenges.



I have a website that contains an iframe. Both the iframe page and the main page are having different launch web properties. When I checked the analytics, I saw that the iframe domain is using a different visitor ID as compared to the parent domain.

I tried this, but no luck
_satellite.getVisitorId().appendVisitorIDsTo('[your URL here]');


Note that the Parent URL and the iframe URL are using different domain, they're using different web property as well.



Is there a way to make the visitor ID the same even though I am using 2 different web properties on the site? I am trying to resolve a session refresh issue.


Appreciate anyone's insights.

Thank you!

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It might be because iframes work differently than links... I think appendVisitorIDsTo is designed to work against anchor tags only... 


You may need to get your developers to add the value to the iframe src value....

I know you can get the MCMID value with _satellite.getVisitorId().getMarketingCloudVisitorID() 


There must be an equivalent for the MCAID...



Based on a quick hack.. I found that the following return the values:


It's worth a shot seeing if you developers can grab these values and append them to the iframe source in the expected format?