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URL Tracking Code Building Tools


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We are investigating options for tracking code building tools. Does anyone have any suggestions on vendors that integrate nicely with Adobe Analytics? The two I'm most familiar with as of now are Terminus and Claravine.

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Have you tried building one in Excel?

In our organisiation we normally use tools (such as kenshoo for PPC) that can do it without human involvment / error.


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This may sound radical but I think you can decrease UTM building concerns/complexity and simplify campaign tracking, yet allow it to have hundreds of categorization levels.


Imagine if you broke out your tracking into 2 basic types:





Then using SAINT classification you could break down each type almost in an unlimited manner.

All that required is a 1 time upload of any tracking ID.

KEY(campaign ID)

breakdowns could be,

campaign, medium, size, channel, platform, flux capacitors


Then in reports, dataware house, workspace you can do tons of rich data mining.

Also here is a BIG advantage... once you have an ID you upload and use SAINT you can retroactively edit and correct any time!!!


At this point a simple excel ID generator is all that's needed.