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Unsupported Browsers


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Hi all,


Is there a way to generate a report that will allow me to show how much traffic is coming to site from Browsers that do not meet the following requirements:


Safari - 12.5.5 and below

IE - 11 and Below

Chrome - version 50 and below


and then utilise to show what ratio of Visitors come from these Browsers?

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Hi @Steve_Hole 

I think the best (and maybe only) way to do this is to create a segment. Sadly you can't use RegEx in segment builder so it is a little handywork.

Use the "matches" operator to enable wildcard characters.

Add the browsers you want to focus on:

  • IE 11 was the last one so you just include all of them
  • Google Chrome 50.0
  • Google Chrome 4* (will match 40.0-49.9)
  • Google Chrome 3* and so on
  • Safari 15.5*
  • Safari 15.4* and so on

browser segment.png


You can already use this segment in your workspace report on Visits or create a calculated metric with it. 

  • Add the segment to the calc builder and add Visits
  • Devide by Visits

This is basically your "Unsupported browsers share"

Calculated metric builder.png


I mean the way to setup the segment seems a little blunt to me so I would be interested if there is a more elegant way


Community Advisor

Hi Steve there is a way to do this.


Each browser version you would need to do a SAINT classification for them. I would then make 2 classification Types.


Meets Criteria

Does Not Meet Criteria


Now this would cause a 1 time upload for all versions but once in place. You can then correlate traffic by those classifications by browser themselves that meet your Criteria and those that do not. In future if Criteria requirements change just re upload to match new Criteria setting.





Level 5

Hi Steve,


Please check this link may help you.

Tracking unsupported search engines