Time to success event




I have a success event. I'd like to track any or all of the following:

- Average time (dd:hh:mm?) from start of visit to success event. I'm aware of hit depth, I'm looking for time, ideally.

- Average time from visitor's first visit start to first success event. This may span multiple visits

- Average total time on site at the visitor level, before first success event.

- Average hit depth at the visitor level before first success event.

Is there any way to track this using a calculated metric with conversion event data and off-the-shelf visit/visitor data? If not, what analytics data I need to implement to better track this?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




can't you just take some of the default time metrics (time spent...)? I never tested it out but I think this might work, maybe not with all combinations of breakdown. but at least worth to try and see if those default metrics show you the desired information.