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Strange analytics dashboard behavior


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Hello Everyone, 

The strange behavior seems to apply only in combination with the metric, a segment for the Download Link dimension and the chosen panel date range and ONLY for November.






As you can see the values don’t match at all even though I would expect them to be the exact same – no matter if I apply the date range filter (purple) for the specific month or for the whole year, because at the end I am limiting both tables by the Month dimension item “Nov 2023 (Nov 01-Nov 30)”. And it’s getting even crazier because the problem only occurs when you use the panel filter “Downloadlink=pdf” AND for November… any other combination does not result in this problem so it seems to be exclusive for November. Funny thing is, the instances / values for specific dimension items don’t change but the amount of specific items (67 vs 131).


At the end this is so confusing and does not make any sense for me. Can anyone explan for this odd “behavior”? I’m also wondering what this “finding” implicates for other date ranges, dimensions items and metrics.


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I can't replicate that exactly, but I think part of the problem is the "This Year (excluding today)" is actually 2024 and not 2023 (to pair with Nov 2023).. was this screen shot taken last year?


How you are filtering the panel might be having an impact? I assume you mean you have a panel level Segment applied that we can't see... any chance you could share exactly how that segment was built (maybe a screenshot)? Different segment scopes can cause some issues to surface.


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@Jennifer_Dungan This report is last year. Please check the screenshot.




Segments - 








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Ok, so the purple date range in the new screenshots both show November now (in the first post one was literally set to "This Year", maybe the wrong picture was posted in your initial question).



Ok, so now you see a difference when using different purple Date Ranges: "November specific date range" and a "Last Year date range"; both when paired with the November Month Dimension.


And the difference only appears when using the "UB-Seiten-Hit" segment.



So my last question now is, even though your segment is set to HIT, what is the scope of your eVar? Is it possible that your eVar is set to an expiry that isn't "hit", or do you have "offline" data, or importing data sources that could be causing some issues?


Maybe offline data is registering against the dimension as "Nov 2023", but in "purple date range" as Dec (which would fall under "last year" but not "November"???


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@Jennifer_Dungan , Thanks for the reply.

eVar Expiry at Hit level only.

we don't have any offline data.


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That is very strange...  I cannot replicate with my own data.. and without access to yours I cannot try and dig into investigating the problem.


It's only happening for November, correct? Perhaps you had some sort of data corruption that we just cannot fathom?