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Simple export of segments and business logic


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I'm trying to export a simple list of all segments and their logic/conditions.  I've found this and this but both seem to be really technical and even involve configuration and scripts and such.  I just... want... the details.  It's not for any kind of future import or anything like that.  Any ideas?



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If you're trying to get the definition of a segment (or calculated metric), for example, for reference/documentation, the easiest way to do so is to take a screenshot from the segment (or calculated metric) builder.

If your definition stretches beyond your browser's window, you can consider installing one of several browser extensions (or use Firefox for its built-in screenshot tool) that can take screenshots of the entire page, not just the visible area.


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@cschutz  You can Export segments using the segment export wizard


You can read about it here 



Hope this explains 


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Hi @VaniBhemarasetty I referenced that link in the original post and didn't find it helpful.  Is this something I can do from the link below?


I don't see anything like "Wizard".