Segments Not Remaining Applied to Report Builder Wookbooks After New Release



In Report Builder 5.0, previously applied segments are disappearing from data blocks. If I open the manager on a workbook that should have segments applied, the manager shows that there are no segments applied. After reapplying the segments, saving the workbook and closing, the next time I open that workbook the segments will have once again disappeared from the data blocks. Is anyone else having issues with this?

Also, sporadically (in RB) when trying to apply a segment, all of my segments will be missing from the drop down. This seems to be fixed by logging out and logging back in multiple times but is obviously not the ideal way to solve this issue.

Is any one having these same issues or have any insight on how to fix them?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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This sounds like a bug that I'm assuming has been fixed by this point. If you are still experiencing issues with Report Builder, please open a ticket with customer care so we can get more details about your particular setup.

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