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scenario for segments containers


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can describe the scenario when to use -HIT, VISIT, VISITOR level segment container ?

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Visitor - Contains the data specific to the visits across all the visits, page views, and hits.

Visit - With this you can get the data of visitor by visit level.

Hit - With this you can get the data of visitor by individual hits, page views.


You can find more about the segmentation and segment containers here:




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It's really about what type of data set you want to return. A common misconception is that if you want to get a UV count, you use a Visitor segment... 


But really, if you are interested in how many people are "clicking on button X" for instance, you may also be interested in the actual number of clicks. It's much better to create a HIT segment for that specific button.. then you can pair the segment with click metrics (or even occurrences because you've constrained the hits to just button X), and you can pair it with Visits and Unique Visitors to see how many people are clicking, and how many visits where clicks were actually made.


However, maybe you actually need to look at a set or sequence of pages within a visit... well now you will need to make a VISIT level segment.