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Apple Pay Tracking


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My company recently launched Apple Pay but we are under reporting in Adobe compared to our backend reporting. We have a theory that she is exiting the site after Apple Pay is complete before our confirmation tag loads, so the order still processes on the backend but doesn't register in Adobe. Has anyone else seen this issue? And if so, is there a work around to make sure we are capturing all Apple Pay orders in Adobe?


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I haven't seen that myself... we had only started putting Apple Pay on our sites, then we migrated and don't have that re-implemented yet (we may never, as I recall it was painful and we didn't seem to get a lot of interest)... and the Apple Store payments through our iOS app would be a completely different flow, so not really comparable.


Does your Apple Pay implementation auto-send users back to your site to a dedicated thank you page on your site? It seems unusual that someone would exit out of the payment flow until they had a proper payment confirmation screen....


How far off are your numbers? Could the difference be due to opt-outs on tracking or active analytics blocking? Have you been able to replicate the issue in test mode on your dev/qa account?


I would first try to see if you can replicate the issue? Maybe there is a JS error that is preventing tracking from happening properly?