Report Only the Maximum Value Within a Visit: Counter Evar or Numeric Event ?



Expert friends,

The context here is that I am measuring a calendaring feature

The request is to capture the maximum number of days seen within a calendar, which happens in 5 day increments using a Next button

I am capturing this in two different ways, with a Counter eVar (Visit Expiration) (+5), and a Numeric Event (5) upon each view

The request from the analyst is to report on the Maximum number seen as:

Days Seen


1. The Numeric Event is aggregating for all visits and when used in a calculated metric can tell us the average per visit. However it is entirely possible that only a handful of visits saw many days, while others only saw few

2. The Counter eVar increments as it goes along, so a visitor on their way to 25 days will generate 5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0, 25.0. Since this eVar expires on the visit and not upon an event reporting shows us one visit for each

I have created a Workspace Histogram that gets us there, but it is not flexible enough. It has to be tabular

Do you think this needs to be solved with a calculated metric ?

Do we have a way to transmit the Maximum value of the visit, though we never know when the visit is over ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Urs also has the answer to the how to segment on the last hit.  We got into a discussion about this the other day against an idea on the forum.  You can check out his solution here: Make it possible to segment on the hit of the exit page and entry page

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Answers (7)




you can both go with a counter eVar and a numeric event, depending what you need for reporting (maybe both?)

counter eVar

your explanation is spot on, it allow äs you to create the table as shown. but instead of the visit metric take any success event for reporting (eg. purchase) to see what users have selected last before the success events. or filter for the last hit of each visit to get the max range of the visit

numeric event

allows to create calculated metrics to answer questions such as "average date range"


maybe you need to think about what exactly do you need. is it "how many times did the user see a long date range" or "what was the max date range of a user before he had a success event (purchase)". in the last case (purchase) you could also save the information somewhere client side and send to adobe at the moment of the success event (add to cart or purchase). might be easier to use for reporting

and have in mind, that user might go back and forth in the date selector, so you don't count too much...



I'm going to mark this as the answer so that Urs gets credit also

It only occurred to me now that they can also use "Exits" as the metric on the Counter Evar to only show the final, most recent value within the session

thanks to you both for the contribution



How would you segment for the final hit of the visit ?

Regarding your remark, the need is "what is the max seen within a visit"

I considered storing it client side, but there is no way to send upon the last hit of the visit, because it is never known which hit is the last one until the session expires