Products - break down by one another (based on s.products)



Hi guys


quick question: is there any way to find out / break down products that have been in the s.products string at the same time?


e.g. s.products = "prod1,prod2,prod3";

or another time s.products = "prod2,prod3,prod4,prod1";


What I would like to know is which other products prod1 has been in the products string with and how often.

This seems to be an essential feature which I have not managed to find yet.




Answers (2)

Answers (2)



You have 2 options one should be out of the box. the other you need to report 1 at a time.


The first and ideal is a cross sell report. It will show a selected product and any other products in order of frequency it was sold with. The problem is that its a one to many relationship.


Option 2

If you capture a transaction ID at time of purchases and then associate all items in s.product then you can compare what items at time of a given purchase were sold together. You then could filter in exel combo matches... not as nice as cross sell.


A sort of thisr option is make a segment. For products in a transaction.



If you make a hit level segment ' hit: product = a' and apply that to a table or panel it should return any products that were inside the same hit.