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Overlap between channels and order attribution


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I am looking for the most optimal way to analyze the following:

We do retargeting with display campaigns from 2 different sources: X and Y. We have been running X campaigns for some years now, but we started Y only 6 months ago. Since we started Y campaigns, we noticed that the orders have dropped, although the visits did not (according to Adobe Analytics). I have already compared Last-touch attribution and First-touch attribution, and it shows that campaign Y is "stealing" the conversions from campaign "X". However I want to dig a bit deeper and look at e.g. what share of user journeys had both channels as touch points in comparison to the only 1 of those channels, also which channel comes first/last before the conversion. Also, which lookback window it is better to use - 30 days or the whole reporting period (6 months). The idea is to distribute the budget better.


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Well, as you said, the Channels are "Last Touch" (or technically First Touch) within your reporting period.


If you need to do cross channel attribution, you can set you Orders/ Revenue / etc metrics up to be non-standard attribution, such as Linear or Participation (or maybe even a U or J curve):





On your metric, click on the gear and at the bottom of the settings, you can enable your custom attribution:




You can even use multiple columns of the same metric side by side with a different attribution model to see how the data changes.


Not all metrics can have custom attribution applied, those one will be greyed out.


Hopefully one of these models will help you see the cross channel journeys better. Good Luck.