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Launches and crashes are not detected on Android


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When reviewing the launcher and crash metrics in Adobe Analytics for the type of persive device that does not bring data from Android devices, does anyone know why?




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Are you also missing Launches, Upgrades, Days Since Last Update?


My suspicion is that Lifecycle metrics haven't been properly implemented in Android.


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Hi @Krozi @Jennifer_Dungan This is because of change in Google privacy policies.


I believe most of the implementation team didn't noticed this change.


Google given the heads up to prepare Chrome's user‑agent reduction 

Refer this please(now its completed as alert shows) https://developers.google.com/privacy-sandbox/blog/user-agent-reduction-android-model-and-version


No worries, here is the solution to address this:

You have to Learn how to migrate to User-Agent Client Hints to address this one.


If your site relies on parsing the User-Agent string to read the device model, platform version, or full browser version, you'll need to implement the User-Agent Client Hints API.





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I really don't think that is your problem.. since native apps don't use Chrome (except for webviews, but none of those would pertain to Launches or Crashes). Also, Adobe already maps browsers based on User Agent Client Hits (but again, this pertains to web traffic, not apps):



I see many Launch and Crash data for our apps coming from Android devices... if this was the issue, I would see nothing like you.