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NRF 2023 Revised Calendar


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I am trying to see if the revised NRF calendar for Adobe Analytics reporting. Currently 2023 starts on1/29/2023 as per their old calendar but because we are in a Leap year, this year the NRF has one extra week which is this week 1/28/2024. This calendar has been recently updated so that 2023 will now start 2/5/2023 instead which means the first week 1/29/2023 now has to move to the last week January of Merch Calendar 2022. I am looking at the preview and not seeing this change and not sure when this will change/ if this will change.  


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Community Advisor

Hmm, that sounds like it might be a bug? Maybe a ticket to Client Care would be helpful to getting a quick response. Good luck getting that sorted out.