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Need help in automating the process of fetching token from Adobe


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Hi Team,


To my knowledge previously it was possible to retrieve the token from Adobe through an API endpoint and we had automated that process, but later it was not possible to get the token through that manner and we are currently using the developer console to fetch the access token to run our packages but this is causing a lot of dependency on us. Can anybody suggest some ways to get the access token through API or any ways in which we can carry out our tasks easier.


Thanks in advance.





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Community Advisor

Which token are you trying to retrieve? I don't use the APIs much, but once you have a user with an authentication key you shouldn't need new access tokens each time to retrieve data, that seems in-efficient...


As with other systems, I would think that once you have generated a token, that would be a permanent item that you would code into your jobs that authenticates your usage of the API... I've never seen a system that needed a new generation for each usage.. that would be like forcing you to change your password every time you log into a website.....