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Hello Adobe Community !

I ve been called upon a problem with the last touch attribution for the paid campaigns. It seems that Adobe numbers do not match our media partners (SEM).

We did some Datafeed analysis to see what was going on inside Adobe Analytics, since our Marketing Processing rules do work fine for other countries.

We found out something really odd. Sometimes, whenever a visit come from a Paid Search Campaign ( we filtered this using the "campaign" column and doing a grouping on the MCIDs and visit number) , the "va_closer_id" is correctly given the Paid Search ID, but later during the visit, we noticed that the value changed to Direct.

Has someone have hade this kind of problems ?
Should'nt the "va_closer_id" and other values regarding the traffic source (as "ref_type", that also seldom changed from the paid source to None) not change during the visit ?

Cheers !

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi marion33678522

The marketing channels do persist for a visit. However the marketing channel rules are executed on every hit.  If a new channel is identified in any other hit of the same visit, it'll override the previous channel value based on Last touch channel overriding configuration.

Hence there can be multiple marketing channels for a single visit.

For example:

A visitor comes from Paid Search >> Your web site  Page 1 >> Page 2

-- closes the browser

-- comes back within 30 mins >> Natural Search >> Your website Page 4 -- ends visit

Assuming Paid & Natural Search have 'Last touch overriding" enabled, the report would look like:

Last touch channel                       Visit            Last touch channel instances/Click-throughs               Page Views

Paid Search                                   1                                     1                                                                          2

Natural Search                               1                                     1                                                                          1

In your case, you can check Last touch overriding is enabled or not for Direct Channel.

Some helpful articles:

Frequently asked questions and examples

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Answers (3)




Hi marion33678522,

Check the Marketing Channel Manager configuration (in the Report Suite settings). I presume there may be a checkbox set next to Direct in the "Override last-touch channel" column. If it's the case, uncheck this box to fix the issue.



Click-throughs or Last touch channel instances metric means the number of times channel value is set(not persisted).  Its a way to measure exact number of times user comes from a specific channel. It bypasses the overriding configuration meaning an overriding channel can get the visit credit but not the click-through.

For example:  Consider Paid ,Natural Search are overriding channels but Direct is non-overriding channel

Visit 1 :: Paid Search >> Web site Page A >> Page B  >> Page C

Visit 2 :  Natural Search  >> Page D >> Page F

Visit 3 :  Direct >> Page Z

Channel               Click throughs         Visits           

Paid Search                  1                          1

Natural Search              1                          2  // gets the credit from visit 3 since Natural search is overridden.

Direct                           0                          0

Ref link: Click-throughs



Hello @Andrey_Osadcnhuk and @kanikas19907318 ,

thanks for the help,

I  will try to have to uncheck the box a remin vigilant on all the traffic (spetially Direct). Home this will help.

I'll perform another Datafeed analysis to see if there is some change there.

Also, could someone please explain the metric Click-through ? I believe that we never use it, what is it different from Visit? is it just for this Override option ?

Cheers !