Lost Functionality of Scheduled Send on Shared Dashboard



Prior to the big release, when a non-admin users created a Scheduled Send on a Shared Dashboard, the Scheduled Send showed up in the non-admin users Scheduled Reports.  After the big release, that Scheduled send no longer shows up in the non-admin login that created the send but in the admin login that created the Shared Dashboard.  So now instead of 40 different non-admin users updating their Scheduled Send in their login, one admin has to update all 40 Scheduled Sends per Shared Dashboard.  Was this an intended change or was this loss of functionality just a casualty of the change in the Scheduled Reports that came with the big release that no one realized would happen.  Has anyone else noticed this change?  

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


It's been a while since this happened so I can't say for sure what changed around that feature at that time. However, if you'd like to help us shape our roadmap for various features, please submit and vote on ideas in our community.

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