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Learning adobe analytics


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Which is the best platform to learn adobe analytics for a fresher ?

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Hi @AnkitaTo 


Check these tutorials.











Step 1: Try to get developer access to Adobe Analytics workspace.

Step 2:  Read above training material. At first, you might cover around 30-50% of actual concepts. Try to read again and again.

Step 3: Use the Adobe Swagger site: https://adobedocs.github.io/analytics-2.0-apis/

Step 4: Use the Adobe Analytics workspace to play with: Dimensions, Metrics, Segments

Step 5: Use the Postman API to hit the API to get Dimensions, Metrics, Reports.


 2 weeks back, I was new to Adobe Analytics. Now, I am able to generate access token, and to get the report from my java application.

Happy to help you.


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Hi @AnkitaTo, right here in the Experience League. On the top menu, you can find tutorials and click into Adobe Analytics, there are lots of tutorial videos from beginner to advanced. Also, the documentation is the source of truth on how to use Adobe Analytics. You can also search for "Adobe Analytics" which Adobe has a dedicated channel on all the new and updated features.


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I would also suggest joining one or more User Groups (your timezone and potentially others) and catching up on some of those sessions, there's a lot of great info and the ability to interact with other users.


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